Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekends Are Hard

My weekend of indulgent eating finally showed up on the scale this morning.  Since weighing myself four days ago, my weight remained unchanged each day until this morning.  I was beginning to think my scale was broken, but today my weight was up 1.3 pounds. 

I know it's water weight at this point, but I do need to be more mindful.  I say this as I sit here with a belly full of pizza.  Sigh.  I did have a meal planned for the night, but I ended up babysitting for a friend today, which was delightful, but chasing and playing with a 1 year old baby all afternoon made me very tired, so when my husband suggested ordering pizza I only had to think about it for negative .03 seconds. I think I said, "Okay," before he even got the suggestion out of his mouth.

Tomorrow I'm going to eat light and drink lots of water and hop right back into my healthier groove.  I think I might wait until the day after tomorrow to check the scale, though.  I'm feeling sore afeared.


  1. Let not your heart be troubled! :) A carb-tastic indulgence is going to show up on the scales for sure, but remember - do a little better today than you did yesterday (not perfect, just better), and keep looking for the 'overall downward trend'. :) x

  2. It won't be hard to do better today/tomorrow (I'm off to bed in just a few minutes.) than I did today. I can definitely do that! :-)

  3. And remember, it's not just about the food, it's also about feeling better overall. I think you're doing so well, with starting up yoga, and even the babysitting for a friend - got you out of the house and playing and having fun :)