Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ugh.  Another night has passed with no sleeping.  I fell asleep somewhere around 5:00 this morning.  Even then I didn't sleep well.  Maybe this will tell you what kind of sleeper I am.  I need to go out and buy new sheets because I have rubbed two holes in them; one where my foot digs in and one where my elbow digs in when I roll over, which is probably a hundred times a night.

I did a sleep study once.  I didn't sleep.  I told the doctor I wouldn't sleep because I know I never sleep the first night in a new place.  Anyway, in the morning, I learned from the technician in charge of me for the evening that the staff made fun of me all night.  She had to make a note on my chart every time I moved, and I guess she didn't get much time to rest during the evening either.

Sleeping pills do not work for me.  I've tried every kind, prescription, over the counter, natural remedies, you name it.  There was one thing my doctor prescribed that worked really well until all of a sudden it started causing me to have upsetting jerky muscle spasms.

Wine works. I'm trying not to drink wine so much though because it also helps make me fat.  Besides, when I drink wine every night I need to drink more and more to actually sleep.  I wake up hating myself.  Wine is not a good sleep medication.

You might think that after enough nights of not sleeping eventually I will start sleeping again if I just keep getting up at my regular time.  Not necessarily.  I went through a period of not sleeping once, and I made myself get up every morning and not take naps.  I was sure that my body would get into a rhythm, and I would sleep again at night.  It didn't happen, and my mental health deteriorated badly.  I had, what I guess would be called in the old days, a nervous breakdown.  I ended up on anti-anxiety medication and antidepressants, and I started seeing a therapist.  I've learned that when I go through a period of insomnia, I need to catch sleep whenever I can, even if it is in the middle of the day.

My skin is also broken out right now.  I've had eczema my whole life, been to countless doctors, tried countless therapies, both medical and natural, and I've never found a cure for myself.  I've had long stretches where its gone into remission, and I've had extremely bad flares.  Right now it's just annoying.

I'm not complaining or whining, just documenting what I'm experiencing right now because these are a couple of health issues that have plagued me through the years and contribute to my depression. I'm wondering if healthy living would create a spontaneous healing of these issues. I hope to find out.


  1. I am so very sorry. Myself and my daughter ( and several other close family members)have suffered sleep problems and I do strongly believe there is a health basis for it (deficiencies as well as toxicitiesI) but your case sounds extreme!

    Not to offer another expensive route but have you considered testing with a naturopath... something very comprehensive such as Genova labs test called ONE Nutreval? This test not only shows deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and the like but also shows pathogens like yeast and viruses and also metals. It is the test that identified the cause of my daughter's seizures and allowed us to eliminate medication 100 percent.

    Anyway... I know how frustrating these complex medical things are. At present I have been working with a chiropractor on my own health through a process called Nutrition Response Testing. I am intrigued and impressed enough to continue. I do feel you are on the right track with clean eating and healthy routines. I wish you much luck and appreciate seeing your progress.

    Hugs, MM

  2. I've seen a naturopath for my skin issues but never for sleep problems, and I don't think we did any of the testing you mentioned. It might be worth a try. I've been thinking I need to have my hormone levels checked too. My GP has done that before, but I don't think the testing is comprehensive enough, especially the thyroid test. My husband's cousin was saying her thyroid tests show normal until they "split it out" (not sure what she meant exactly) She's been on thyroid medication since she was a teenager, but common thyroid testing would not detect her deficiency.

    It can be daunting trying to sort it all out. Last night I slept from around midnight till 3:30. Now it's 7:00 and I'm thinking of going back to bed. :-)

  3. Yes, absolutely. Testing can be pricey--see if you can get the test run through insurance--some places will do it. For instance, my mom paid around $150 for the test, whereas I paid $450! Big difference. I was highly motivated by my daughter's health issues, and had to raise money for it, but I admit I've had a harder time getting motivated about my own health. That's something I'm also trying to change now. It isn't easy and I applaud you for sticking with it.

    I also agree that thyroid and adrenal issues can make things worse. I believe that I am subclinical hypothryoid--I show so many of the symptoms, and hypothyroidism runs rampant in my family. My mom takes Armour thyroid (which is the natural dessicated thyroid). Before I go that route, I'm trying the nutrition response testing (you can Google it--it's a bit weird but I have a good feeling about it) and seeing what my body shows up as needing. So far it seems highly relevant and I like that it's so individually tailored. If you have insurance I highly recommend finding a chiropractor that's covered who does NRT.

    Anyway...enough rambling and recommendations! Anyway, tests are often not very sensitive. We found the ONE test very helpful, as did my mom who took it recently. It helped clarify a few things for her. I want to take it as well but can't just yet-soon!

    I am sorry--tiredness makes everything so draining! I got up really early now I agree with the getting back in bed thing...sounds cozy! But one thing I have noticed is that when I move around (do chores, go outside--go places), I tend to wake up more and it definitely reduces that feeling of wanting to go back to bed. Even if it means having an occasional cup of black tea or coffee, I think I've realized I need to get out of bed. It takes a while to get on a good sleep schedule. I struggled with my own for many years (and still do, but not nearly as bad!) and my daughter's as well until we realized what was going on with her.

    Sorry again for going on and on. It's just something I've also dealt with so I know how unpleasant it is, and how debilitating. Anyway...congratulations on all the progress you've made recently--I think it's excellent.

    Hope you have a good day despite the sleep stuff.


  4. Thanks! I will have to work up to getting to a chiropractor or doctor or naturopath, but will get there if I don't find some relief through clean eating and exercise (when I manage to work up to exercise again, which I will.) The whole testing and doctor thing gives me a bit of an anxiety attack because I've been down that route so many times, and it's like jumping down the rabbit hole. So tiring and frustrating. Why can't life just be simple? lol. Hey! I had a good night's rest last night! Such a surprise. Like Christmas. lol

  5. Hi Siddaleah, I wonder, apart from them making fun of you, did the doctors tell you how many hours you actually slept? I'm glad you slept well last many hours do you count as a good night? It's different for all of us I think. Mine is 6 hours-ish. :)

  6. I slept 0 hours. NOT a wink. But I stayed in that bed all night. They wanted to schedule another night and give me some medication, but since insurance didn't cover it, and because it was a hellish experience for me, I declined. A good night's rest for me is about 8 hours, but if I get behind on sleep it is not unusual for me to be in bed for 10 hours.