Monday, July 29, 2013

An Extraordinary Ordinary Day

I had a productive day.  Today was the first day of testing week for my two remaining homeschoolers.  (Two of my kids are done homeschooling and are in college, which actually looks a lot like homeschooling.  They do a lot of teaching themselves.)  So, we sat out on the deck with No. 2 pencils, test booklets and answer sheets and began the hoop-jumping for the state testing.

Testing on the deck was nice and relaxing until we were interrupted by a momma raccoon and her baby.  The baby got stuck on the other side of the fence somehow and started screaming while the momma chattered loudly.  It was a horrible and upsetting sound, and there wasn't anything I could do about it except shuffle everyone inside to safety where we finished testing for the day.  Eventually the screaming stopped, and I got brave enough to go outside with a broom to see if the raccoons were still there.  They weren't.  I hope the baby is okay.  I also hope it doesn't decide to get too comfy in my backyard.

I made a delicious dinner but ate a tiny bit too much and felt really bloated.

Calico Beans and Creamy Cucumber Salad

I remedied that by taking a walk with my girls.  It was my idea and everything!  I'm not sure where that wild hair came from, but it was nice walking at sunset.

When we got home our neighbor was in our driveway trying to catch his cat which was obviously badly injured.  He was backing out of the garage and the cat was lying there and he felt a sickening thud.  We're thinking good thoughts for the poor cat.  This was not a good day for animals around here.

Then I sat on the deck and relaxed while the sun disappeared completely.  The kids and I put the cover on the pool and picked up the backyard, and here I sit feeling good about the day.  It doesn't seem like much when I write it all out.  There was the usual dishes and laundry, but that's all.  Still, it's a lot more activity than I've been used to since last Fall.  A good day, overall.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day. My days don't tend to have much variety in them. Get up, go to work, come home, make dinner. That's pretty much it. :) It must be nice to be at home like you are. I envy that. :)

  2. It is nice, but I tend to take it for granted and my days become just as mundane as anyone elses. (cook, clean, shower, go to bed, repeat) It's easier for me to fall into a rut at home. When I worked I couldn't afford to just unplug from life and spend the day in my pajamas day after day. I had to get up and get dressed whether I felt like it or not. Now that I'm climbing out of that rut, though, I really want to start taking advantage of my freedom again.

  3. That sounds like a wonderful day, though not for the cat :( A sunset walk, and jumping through hoops, which might seem ridiculous, but there's also a bit where I always enjoy getting tangible things like that done! I think it says a lot for your homeschooling that two of your kids are in college now. And your lunch looks absolutely scrummy :D

  4. Nice post. Glad you had a good day (sans animal chaos). As a stay-at-home mom I understand that not having the motivation of work outside of the home (though there's obviously all the work inside the home)...can be pretty depressing. There's a certain benefit to having that external pressure, but it can become a rut, too. All of us have our ruts! So many days I feel blah about my day, but sometimes even the smallest changes in perspective can help a lot. I've been in a funk again lately (not uncommon)...but I think that the main thing I can do is forward motion (of any kind!)

    Hope you have a great day tomorrow.