Friday, October 4, 2013

Revisiting Affirmations

I like the idea of using affirmations to change thoughts and patterns that don't serve me well, and I've written and gathered several, but I've never had much success with them.  Last week in the comment section of my Goodbye September post, Eowyn suggested trying them again and provided a great one that she has used in the past.  "The truth is, I am fine exactly as I am."  I have muttered it under my breath to counter some of the critical thoughts I've had about myself in the last few days, and it does help.

Today I stumbled across an article about using affirmations.  Included in the article was an affirmation that resonated with me.

Maybe one of the reasons I find changing my habits and making better choices so difficult is that I have been telling myself over and over that it's difficult.  You hear it everywhere, "Change is hard," "Nobody likes change."  Before embarking on a new fitness program or diet we're often warned that, "Change takes hard work," but what would happen if I chose to believe that change is easy?

The difference I feel in my body is significant.  Normally when I think of trying something new to improve my life I immediately feel a burden, like I'm steeling myself for the hard work to come, but after saying, "I choose to believe that it is easy to change a thought or a pattern," I feel lighter and a sense of anticipation. 

I'm going to insert this thought into my inner dialogue starting now.  I'm excited to see how the changes I make will impact my life.


  1. This is way awesome!! I love how caring and insightful you are. I need to use this for myself. I definitely participate in negative body talk and also an attitude that it's too hard to change something. YET--I have seen great evidence to the contrary! Some of the biggest changes definitely happened in when I just took a risk. I think I already posted this on your comment section. Sorry about that. XOXO!! By the way--happy birthday season! I am not quite sure of the exact date of your birth but I know you're a Libra!


  2. Yes! If we think about it, we can all come up with a time in our lives where change was easy and joyful. This proves that it doesn't have to be hard. My birthday is on the 14th. :-) And thank you for the birthday wishes.

  3. What a wonderful discovery, Siddaleah! I've found affirmations very powerful, and an affirmation to help you with affirmations is such a clever idea - double the power ;)

  4. That's a very good one. I am going to add it to my own list. :) Where can I start a list...I'll make a new page on my Willowy blog!