Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Easy or Not?

I did some morning sun salutes today to get the ball rolling on some physical activity again.  I love myself, and I'm learning to accept my appearance as lovely, but I do not like the way I feel physically.  I do not like the way I have trouble sleeping most nights.  I do not like waking up feeling stiff and sore.  I do not like the way I lose my breath just from showering and getting dressed quickly.

There is just no way around it.  I cannot be healthy and physically fit if I sit on my butt all day.

I did a Google search looking for affirmations that would help me enjoy exercise and found some nice ones at DrStandley.com, but I also realized why I resist the whole affirmation thing.  I read things like this: 

Remember to write or say any of the below listed affirmations at least 40X daily for 40 days. It takes 40 days to impress upon the unconscious "reacting" mind all that you desire and dream.

And this:

If you get side-tracked and miss a day then go back to Day 1 and start over.

And POOF!  Away goes that belief I've been embracing that changing a thought or pattern is, "easy."

Anyway, I'm going to forget I read that whole "40 times a day for 40 days," and "if you miss a day go back to day one," bullshit and keep saying to myself that I choose to believe changing a thought or a pattern is easy, and I'm going to work on adding a few nice things about exercise to my inner dialogue too. 

Maybe it does take 40 days of constantly saying something to turn it into an actual belief, but if that's the case, I'm not going to put myself through it.  I'm not going to give myself another reason to feel like a failure and like I can't follow through on something.  The TRUTH is, I have completed and followed through on many things.  There are times I have changed a thought or a pattern easily.  Or maybe it wasn't easy so much as something I was so invested in that the work didn't seem like a burden. 

It's time to be passionately invested in myself.

(That felt selfish and wrong to say.  I'll work on rewiring that thought too.)



  1. Yes, stop reading bullcrap internet articles and just do what you want to do on your own. :) I think that is a very good policy! Someone somewhere always has an opinion about everything. Or rather, a judgement about everything. The best way to rise above those people is just not to read their BS. Hug! Oh, and well done on the sun salutes! Those things make me grunt first thing in the morning!

    1. They get me huffing and puffing, that's for sure, but I do feel more awake and stretched out, so that's good. I feel so clunky and clumsy doing them, though.

  2. Nice going, Siddaleah! Glad you're getting back into the sun salutes, and like Eowyn says, ignore that BS. I've had a lot of success with affirmations (particularly, I am strong, sexy and flexible), and I missed plenty of days ;) I loved that last line, so believe it!