Thursday, August 29, 2013

Trying to Stay Awake

I feel myself falling asleep again, so soon after waking up.  That's what the last episode of depression  felt like.  I didn't feel sad or scared, or at all angry, as I have in past.  Numb.  Asleep.  That's how I felt, and I can feel myself sliding back down into that.

So, I thought I would start walking again.  I wondered if I could just force myself to do it, knowing the positive effect it would have on my mood and health.  I made a plan to begin a couple of days ago, washed my clothes and set out my walking shoes.

Then I stepped off the deck and twisted my ankle.

I won't be walking for a few days.

Do you see an ankle?  I don't.


  1. Ow!!!

    Glad to see you back and hope your ankle gets better soon. x

  2. Ouch! Really sorry to hear that, Siddaleah. My son twisted his ankle this morning, too, and it can really put a damper on your enthusiasm for doing stuff. Ah well, at least you still have pretty toes ;)