Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Four Day Weekends

I have not done a good job the last four days of sticking to my plan of not eating after dinner and eating mostly healthy stuff during the day.  Weekends are always hard for me.  Weekends are some kind of hedonistic trigger or something.  I need to satisfy every craving I've had all week, and then the weekend sort of trickles into the week, and if I'm not careful it becomes my new rut.

So, tomorrow, I start anew.  Wednesday.  Just two days away from the weekend. 

I need to figure out a new way to deal with weekends.


  1. I think one of the issues here is about feeling deprived. If you feel you're deprived during the week, it's no wonder that you let off steam at the weekends. So, how can you give yourself little treats without them being all about food? Just a thought...

  2. Yeah, deprivation is part of it, I guess. For years the weekends have been special. When I worked they were special because I had the weekend off, but in recent years they've been special because I went out every weekend either with my girlfriends or on a date night with my husband. I started blaming going out every weekend for the weight I was gaining, and I stopped going out so much, and then I stopped completely, but when the weekend comes I still want special. I gained even more weight when I stopped going out than I was gaining when I went out every weekend. :-P I guess I've learned to equate special with food and drink, but it doesn't make up for the special I had when I was spending time laughing and talking with people I love.