Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Today is day seven of the 7-Day Juice Challenge that I started (a couple of weeks after everyone else) after seeing it posted at the Food Matters website.  I wish I could say I feel so good that I'm a juicing convert.  I wish I could say I feel just a tiny bit better, but I don't.

I don't think that means juicing isn't a good start for me in my quest for health and more energy.  It could mean:
  1. I have underlying issues that will take more time for the nutrients via juicing to address.
  2. I have underlying issues that the juicing will never address, and I need to explore other options.
  3. No amount of healthy juice will make me feel better as long as I continue to subsist on a steady diet of boxed mac and cheese, instant mashed potatoes, ramen noodles, and pizza.
Number 3 seems like the common sense answer, huh?

Since I've made myself a recluse, my whole family has been eating a lot of garbage.  My husband texts me everyday and asks if I need him to pick anything up from the store on his way home, and my answer is usually, "Dinner," and since he knows I usually mean something I don't have to cook,  dinner is usually something processed and convenient.  He also brings home stuff that will "fill the hole" for the other meals of the day; bread, canned soups, chips, and stuff like that.  He does bring home a few whole food staples too, and they would be happily consumed by all if I would actually cook something. 

This makes me feel really guilty.  It is just one way my depression is affecting the health of my whole family.  So, I think the next very important change I need to make is to get back to the chore of making a weekly menu and doing the weekly grocery shopping.

It's something I used to do routinely, but right now it takes tremendous energy and seems very overwhelming.  There is a lot involved in getting to the grocery store that I have been avoiding for several months, things like wearing a bra, brushing my hair, finding clothes to wear that won't be featured on the newest post at the People of Walmart website, and being seen by other people.

It is going to require a serious commitment and some discipline.  I'm going to hate it, but I think as the weeks go by it will make a huge difference.


  1. The last few years, I've done a lot less cooking from scratch than I used to do. A big part of it has been a lack of energy after dealing with Big Boy. What I have done, though, is try to make meals which, will not from scratch, still include veg. So, I'll buy a ready-made pie, but steam veg on the side to go with it. Might be a manageable half way house? You can have the pizza or mac and cheese, but have veg or salad on the side...


    1. Okay, here's what you can do. Start with a few basics, and do them one at a time, not all at once. Switch from various beverages to water. If it's not a hot drink, it's water. This will make a huge difference. Switch to black coffee. Switch from white rice and pasta to brown rice and wholemeal pasta. You probably know these tips, but they do work.

      Now, as to convenience. You can make a healthier dinner using convenient foods, involving little more than opening various packets. For example, you can get frozen vegetables, they're aleady cut up and ready to go. You can get frozen chicken strips or pieces that are already cooked! There's all sorts of stuff out there. Salads in bags already washed and mixed together for you. Tofu pieces that are already cut up and seasoned and ready to use. So instead of feeling you have to buy lots of ingredients and spend hours chopping and stirring and messing around, you can still put together a decent meal with very little time or work. Just buy different packets.

      I cook from scratch quite a lot, but I also do my share of packet dumping! And those meals are good, too. :)

    2. Yeah, when I'm cooking I do use brown rice and whole grain pasta etc... The problem is that all of my systems have broken down, so for months I've been falling back on junk. To be honest, I'm the tiniest bit addicted to mac and cheese and pizza. They are my comfort foods. White, processed carbs are like crack. lol I don't drink pop or juice and just one cup of coffee a day. Wine. That would be my problem beverage. :-P

      I just need to reconstruct my systems, if that makes sense, and it's hard. I really want to work toward eating and serving my family mostly whole foods that don't have a lot of sugar and other additives. I've been on a vendetta against trans fat for years now, so we've mostly cut that out (but it sneaks into so many processed foods.) I have other issues with allergies and auto immune disorders, so the more I can keep food simple and real the better my health.

      I love Costco for the bagged veggies and stuff. By "convenient" I really mean something that I can mindlessly eat without having to do more than pop it in the oven. I'm broken right now. The weight gain is just one symptom/cause/aspect of what isn't right with me.

    3. Um, veggies fade into non existence when pizza or mac and cheese are present. lol!

    4. One simple solution is to not have them present. You can't eat what isn't there. A very simple method that has worked for me. :)

      Another thing. Let's stop saying we're broken. We're not. We're whole, and we have everything we need right here, right now. *hug*

    5. Exactly! Which is why I really need to get back to grocery shopping and cooking. :-) Okay, you're right. I do need to stop saying I'm broken. I am whole. What I should say instead is the systems I once had in place to keep me well have broken down. That's what this is about. I am determined to systematically put those systems back in place and build new and better systems to restore my health and well being.

    6. Yay, I like the sound of that, Siddaleah! Create systems that support your beautiful, joyful self :)