Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mmmm Meat

Yep, I'm sharing a picture of my dinner for today's 30 Day Beauty Challenge picture because a healthy home cooked meal is a beautiful thing.

We had pork sirloin and roasted garlic Parmesan asparagus.  Not too long ago if there wasn't potatoes, rice, pasta or a dinner roll on my plate it didn't feel like I'd eaten a complete meal.  This meal was, however, very satisfying.  My perception has changed and I no longer feel cheated if I don't have a big dose of carbohydrates for dinner.


  1. It looks delicious to me! This is the kind of meal we have most of the time. My hubby is full on paleo. I am not, but I've reduced carbs considerably. I might consider going more fully on it. Or maybe 80/20. I am not sure. But I agree that binging on carbs definitely makes me feel bad!!

    Tonight we had pesto chicken breasts and steamed beets and peas with butter. It was very tasty! And filling. :) I do admit I crave sweets sometimes but I try to have something like chocolate or something a little less carby, but I realize it's OK to give in once in a while--particularly if you eat well most of the time. :)

    Hope you have a lovely night. :)

    1. Sweets are not my major craving. I tend to crave salty carbs more, like nachos or potato chips with dip. I haven't had nachos in 2 months, I just realized. I have had a handful of potato chips a couple of times, and I had cake for my daughter's birthday not long ago, but my craving for empty carbs has really diminished. That is something I didn't think would ever happen. Your dinner sounds good! (I've never eaten beets, though. I have a negative childhood association with them from, I think, having adults trying to force me to eat them.)