Sunday, January 5, 2014

Two Days, and I'm Not Excited About This.

I'm trying this 2 day cleanse just to see what happens.  I'm on day one.  I've had breakfast and lunch, and all I can tell you so far is I do not find quinoa with prunes at all appetizing or enjoyable.

I should be able to do this for two days.  Right? 

Update:  I've made it through one day of the cleanse, and I'm sitting here drinking some dandelion root tea before bed.  I am hungry, and I can't even look forward to eating tomorrow because the thought of that cabbage soup and quinoa with prunes is making me gag.  I'm craving fat and salt like crazy.  A small bowl of cottage cheese sounds like heaven to me right now. 

Oh well, it will be especially nice to get back to eating normally again.  It's only two days.


  1. Hmm, quinoa with prunes sounds like it could be quite tasty, if a bit mushy. However, I don't think I could cope with only that! Congratulations on managing even one day!

    1. I don't care for it much. I just tolerate it, but then I'm not a big fan of prunes.

    2. I like them on occasion, but preferably with something less mushy than quinoa, like granola :) I also like quinoa, but with something else to bring flavour and additional texture, too… crunchy broccoli and scrambled eggs, for instance. Mmm, can you tell I've just been grocery shopping on-line ;)

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