Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Wrapped in the Glow

"Wrapped in the Glow" by Monica Stewart


  1. Beautiful image and quote! My mum used to do a visualisation like that, picturing wrapping herself in a snuggly blanket and feeling warm all the way through :)

  2. I have just discovered your Project me. This picture is beautiful and makes me feel cloaked with love. The visualisation of Kerry's mum is a great idea. It should feel so comforting. I think many women, including myself, are making this journey with you

  3. I love the picture too, and the author of the quote is unknown to me, but as soon as I read it I connected to it. Sometimes when I'm feeling really vulnerable I wrap myself up in a warm comforter in front of a fire and play some really soothing music in the background. I feel so nurtured and protected when I do that.